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This is our first demo for Aron's Adventure, we released it in 2019, a lot has changed since then.

Aron's Adventure is an action-adventure rpg being worked on by two people in Unreal Engine 4. You can follow our progress on DiscordTwitter or our Youtube.

Aron's Adventure takes place in a fantasy world called Elor. An ancient evil re-awakens and the fate of the land is thrown into Aron's hands. 

The demo takes place early in the game and Aron is trying to find an ancient order of knights that have sworn loyalty to the Sentinel council. Kara is the ghostly guide that will help you get acquainted with the game-play and the story. There's way more to this character than is shown in the demo.

The game is still in early development so expect a lot of bugs! Non the less we are very excited to see how everyone will like this demo. 

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Action, Role Playing
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, Action-Adventure, Atmospheric, Fantasy, Singleplayer, Unreal Engine
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Esta super bien trabajado e incluso lo veo más completo que otro juegos ya publicados en steam, tiene un potencial increíble, sigue así man 


really awesome so far, I like the combat system! 

Minimum requirements?

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I have an Intel UHD 620 GPU
And an Intel i7 8550U CPU

1.80 Processor

Is that good enough?

It's free so you can give it a shot. I expect that your GPU might be an issue. But you can try it out. 


Hi, love the game so far!  Having some trouble when entering the sentinel "space" to do some training with new power/ability.  More than half the time, it loads the space with the twin horses and luminescent tree, but nothing else, not even a way out.  Reloading helps some time but usually not.  So essentially stuck in the archery dungeon and cannot progress past the 3rd power tutorial..

sometimes my game lag like black out with 1fps and its back to 60fps. why?

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wow! I have not tried it yet but the trailer looks amazing. out of curiosity: how long have the 2 of you worked on this?

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Thanks, that's awesome to hear.
We've been working on this for 4 years since last week.

Ok, I know the characters are Synty, but I gotta ask, what character controller are you using or is that a “roll your own” asset? Looks very fluid and controls seem very nice! Loving the look and atmosphere so far! Keep it up!

this looks nice! hoping to see new updates

I can´t switch to sword lmao, my mouse wheel doesn´t work, but i loved the teleport arrows thing, i+d love to finish the demo at least, so... some settings to rebound keys would be fine... 


if your unarmed you can left click and it should automatically bring out your sword (works with bow as well)


Yes and H to holster, apologies about that. Hezenael. =) 

a like the game just a think voice actor is a bit bad for the roles (personal idea a just felt like that sorry if it hurts someone )

The girl quest giver at the end is falling through the map each time I restart a scene, I couldn't catch her!;) Anyway a combat system is great, thank you for the game.

I'll make sure to check that out, thanks for the heads up. Glad to hear you had a good time! 

Awesome looking game! Great work! I'd like to start working on something similar in Unity. Can you make some recommendations on how to work with such large levels/terrains? Are you using something like Gaia for the terrains? I'd love to hear your recommendations around creating such an awesome open world and spawning enemies? Amazing work


Thank you so much. We use Unreal Engine 4 for the development =) 
Making big levels is very easy in there. outside of that we also use World Creator 2. 

Hi again - I was wondering which grass, tree and ground texture assets you are using. They look great. Could I ask which asset packs you are using?


Cool. I'll check out World Creator.

Absolutely loved the demo! Games like this will always have a certain place in my heart! One of my viewers even compared it to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which I think is a compliment!

I really liked the combat system and the different skills, both ranged and melee. Makes for some nice variety during combat.
The different animations in general were very cool too, like the jumping over fences, and even the diving in water. Small details, but so very effective!

Graphic wise, it looks very nice too, and also ran perfectly fine. I did however encounter some issues whilst playing, but seeing as you commented on the video, I suppose you already know which ones. Besides, I know that the demo is a little outdated, and still in early stages. As long as the gameplay itself works and is fun, which was certainly the case!

Couple of things I do wonder though. Will the story be an open world game with tons of sidequests, or does it focus mainly on a story? Also, about the skills, will there be a skill tree available where you can choose what skills to use/what you want to focus on? The latter could be interesting to some players, and makes every playthrough unique, makes for different options during combat.

Conclusion: very fun game! Recommended to anyone who likes RPG's in a beautiful fantasy setting!

I'll be sure to follow the project and would love to return to it once it is completed. 

ill the story be an open world game with tons of sidequests, or does it focus mainly on a story? 

There will be big open areas with hopefully a lot of side quests and more linear areas.  

Also, about the skills, will there be a skill tree available where you can choose what skills to use/what you want to focus on? 

I've not made this yet but it's definitely on my list. 

Thanks again for playing man! really appreciate it. 


Just saw the trailer this game is very nice graphically and the gameplay looks fun I will definitely give this a go later on :)

other than that great stuff


This game is AWESOME!!

Just watched your video, thank you so much for making that. Had a blast watching =D 

you think you could make a mac demo?

Tutorial,  Starting cave like area and inside the well is very dark, other than that loved the game. Also left clicking out of menu uses sword.

Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear you loved it! :)

i think i ran into a glitch or somthing it would work good and then i just would stop being able to jump when i press space in the tutorial 

another good game that is not sold in itchio, it does not give them shame, to present it as meat, of bait


What do you exactly mean with this comment? 


Hey! You've got some good bones with this game so far. It's a bit rough around the edges with the pacing and voice work, and the enemies aren't as responsive as I'd like for combat to feel really frenetic and intense, but the underlying controls, story, and overall design are going in the right direction. 

I hope the tutorial will be better integrated into the game since I'm not sure where that location is compared to the forest the demo starts in. If it's just made up for the demo or if it's an area you can actually access in the world. Either way, I do like the variety of attacks. Keep tweaking, keep polishing, and you'll end up with some something great. Good luck!


Thank you for the nice comment. The tutorial was delivered all in one but in the main game it's more spread out throughout the game. 

I hope we do get to deliver in the end! ;) 

Thanks for Playing.


i legit cnat even start up the game it says running but literally nothing has opend or do i just need to like like an hour?

If you can run UE4 games you should be able to run this. Maybe your anti-virus is blocking it. mine always has to scan it 3 times before booting it up properly. =) 

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? i stuck at the beginning. Can't climb at all. I spammed spacebar, spammed all my Controller button and I'm completely lost.

EDIT: oh, wasd.... okay, I'm left handed, I never used wasd. (and never will)
And tutorial needs to be more clear ^^ Shoot 4 arrows in rapid succession. Okay I did that but I didn't knew I have to shoot the target. The area is so big(and dark), I didn't saw those 4 targets at all.

I'll make sure to add arrow key support.
Can you tell me what settings you were playing at? (I'm wondering what made the tutorial area so dark) 

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I played on my laptop, Brightness is 100% Brightness. In Game it is time 2. I understand story wise why the tutorial is placed in night but it is a bit unpractical for a tutorial since it has to be clear and understandable. Maybe a compass or something which shows you the location of the next tutorial part... or a wisp or something which you have to follow? Or just show it on your minimap?

As you can see on my screenshot below, I was standing on that platform and couldn't see the target at all... had to search for a while...

! Keep in mind, the player is always attracted to light. Putting a big white tree there was a good idea but also the reason why I missed the platforms in my first playthrough. ^^ So if you want to guide the player to a location, just put a light there.

There were some unintended side effects with the brightness slider so it's disabled in the 1.31 build.  As for the tutorial, it's okay if people are looking for a while, it's very empty, eventually you'll spot the target.

As for the cave, I agree that it's dark. That's why we added the torch you can equip by pressing T. (see lower right bottom/tutorial message) 
Caves are still somewhat affected by the time of day outside which is unintended but the caves in game will be dark. That's why we added the torch. I hope to fix the brightness slider for the next build.

Luckily most people are in fact guided by the big god rays and lights placed around in the cave which do lead to the exit, like you said, players follow the lights ;) 

I'm pretty sure I am not pose to be up where I am but I wanted to see if it was even possible. :d



I am so impressed by this game! I thoroughly enjoyed my time in this demo and by the end it left me wanting more! I can't wait to play the full game! Amazing work!  

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Thank you so much for the video.
That video was very
puts on glasses
(love the thumbnail btw ;D ) 

I am writing this as I go, so there might be multiple comments.

First of all, this game is right up my alley. The age old stories of knights and magic, it always gets me excited. The art style is cool, I enjoy it very much, it gives me off quite a minimalist feel but not to the point where it feels too empty.

But I do find that at least, so far, the Tutorial section was very dark, even after I turned the brightness up & closed the curtains in my room.

As for gameplay:



  • I got a bit confused by the bow controls, I started mashing the LMB when it should have been RMB purely out of habit.
  • A bit more guidance to where your targets are? It took me a moment to see that the targets I had to shoot with the bow were underneath the pillars (cliffs)? I had jumped on.
  • I would love to see a, for a lack of better example, Witcher-esque target locking system? I found myself rolling in the opposite direction and hitting anywhere that wasn't the target.
  • The animations felt a bit...sluggish? Perhaps I'm just impatient + have the attention span of a goldfish. :D

What I liked:

  • Really, REALLY loving the whole teleporting "Arrow/Aron" thing. I feel like that could be a great mechanic for people who would like a more stealth based approach to their playthrough.
  • In general, the abilities really made me want to continue.

Alright, continuing to the level, will update this as I go, so I don't forget anything.

(1 edit)

The level:

The cave is really. Really dark. I ended up mashing F and using the Time Slowing Animation to understand my surroundings. I know now that the path I was supposed to go down was very well lit, so maybe it's just me being me, haha. Or maybe some more handholding is necessary, that's for you to decide. But once I got out into the light...

Hoo boy. I am in love with this art style. The colors are so vivid! I love how Aron's yellow undershirt pops out on the background of everything else. And while I was writing this, I a sunset happened in game and the red & purple haze are so cool. A 10000 heart emojis.

I was absolutely thrilled when the fighting started and I picked the goblins off one by one with my bow. Sadly I wasn't fast enough to save the knight  :(.

Another thing... I'm not entirely convinced by the voice actors. They seem to lack emotion in my opinon, then again from the snippets presented I haven't gotten a proper "feel" for the characters, so perhaps it's all fitting. We shall have to see.  I will def be following the development of this game and I am 100% this could be wonderful once it gets done.  Good luck!

P.S. When I have the sword equiped & am drinking a potion, during the animation, Aron's sword grazes his cheek. Aron, you don't even have a beard to shave with that, watch out!

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Thanks a lot for the feedback! We'll definitely take this into consideration. 

i played the full game i gotta say first off LOVE THE ANIMATION!!! it's so well polished and the smoothed (except for the climbing but you said it'll be worked on). the story of was pretty good too it made want to see more  plus the little dialog you gave the character gave him emotions very well done!

here's my video of it and i can't wait to see more

Just got done watching it, I left a comment.

I really had a ton of fun watching this video. Laughed a lot. also the thumbnail is 10/10 xD

Deleted post
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Thanks a lot for trying it out and your nice comment! I'm also super excited to see our end result. 

it looks good but my pc cant seems to play this :')

may i reshare the trailer pls?

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yeah of course you may reshare the trailer! :) 

Very sorry to hear your PC can't run it.  Could you share your system specs and maybe some details on what goes wrong when trying to play? This would help us resolve the issue for the final product.

actually i havent play it, judging the thumbnail and created using UE4, usually my laptop cant get a hold of constant fps UE4 games